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New Forum & Site new single login system

First of don’t panic!!,  The new forum and site use’s a single sign-in system, 
What this means is, all subscription payments and login details are in one place and your details are now a code that follows you wherever you go on the flory models site the forum or chat room so no need to login every time you go anywhere.

You will need a new subscription now to get the system to work so all old subscriptions have now been cancelled and when your subscription would normal renue you be invited to resubscribe to the new system and the normal price of £4.00 per month or £40.00 per year. (this has been the price for over two years so old subscribers will need to pay this price to fall in line with the rest)

If you have a monthly or yearly membership you will be required to set up a new subscription when your old subscription period expires on the last day.

You will be asked to set up a new monthly or yearly subscription and all your old forum posts and photos will be moved over straight away.  If you have never had a forum account before please contact me with your login name and PayPal email address.

There are a host of benefits to the new system including better security and subscription management, single sign-on, Photo hosting, fast site and forum and lost of great new features coming very soon.

So in short, just wait to get a request to set up a new subscription when you log in the forum and follow the two simple steps and you’ll be good to go in a few moments.

If you think there is a mistake with your subscription and you have time still left on your original cancelled subscription let me know straight away and I’ll fix it for you.

Thanks for your continued support and looking forward to a great new start to Flory models


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